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The Family Command Center

It could be the mudroom, the kitchen office or the entryway. Whatever and wherever it is, the “family command center” – where all things essential to the family’s daily operation live – can be magic when organized right. First – determine what belongs there. Is it keys, backpacks, sports...

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What is Title Insurance?

Becoming a first time home buyer can sometimes feel like travelling in a foreign country. Despite the research you’ve been doing for weeks, if not months, there is always something you are unprepared for. We’ve all been there, and that’s why we want to make sure you’re prepared and...

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Deciding Between Multiple Offers

Sometimes you’re handed more choices than you’d expect—such as multiple offers—but the best choice isn’t always clear. You need to take a much closer look to see the real differences. When you have multiple offers on your home, there are several areas to consider. Check out three important tips,...

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3 strategies for the move-up buyer

Moving up to your “forever home” is exciting. When you bought your first place, chances are you were young, strapped for cash and prepared – if not warned – to make some concessions. The move-up buyer typically has some savings and home equity to work with, making this next move feel less...

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