4 Fall Decorating Trends


4 Fall Decorating Trends

Nature wins when it comes to fall decorating, with blazing trees outdoing interior design schemes every autumn. But second place can still be delightful if you shake things up in your home as the seasons changes. Looking for inspiration? Here are a few trends harvested from across design blogs.

1. Mix and match neutrals: “Colorless” design is all the rage for fall. No need to pull in screaming colors or wild prints to make a statement. Instead, embrace calming neutrals by using a variety of textures and shapes to create a mood. Go beyond whites and experiment with light browns and greys. There are a zillion shades to combine to create an interesting palette.

2. Think snuggly: Plush cushions and cozy throws help update your home for colder weather. Luxurious (and warm) fabrics like faux fur, velvet and thick cable knit add a welcoming feeling of comfort (and practical options for wrapping up) as the weather grows frosty.

3. Welcome matte: Designers are loving matte black fixtures, especially in kitchens and bathrooms. It’s the new stainless steel. (Without having to worry about fingerprints and smudges that can mar metal’s appeal). A matte black faucet or range hood can add style to the kitchen while matte black fixtures in the bathroom contrast wonderfully with clean, white tile.

4. “Curate” your space: The “curated” look is on trend for fall. Display things you already have and love; or use the trend as an excuse to expand your collection. Frame those postcards you’ve never been able to toss, buy stands for your Star Wars action figures or add some dramatic shelving to highlight your collection of your kids’ pottery attempts.

Need a more drastic change in your home space than decorating updates can provide? Maybe it’s time to move. I can help you discover what’s available in your market in your price range, in the autumn, or any time of year.