7 cool tips for backyard summertime fun


7 cool tips for backyard summertime fun

Summer will soon be winding down, so make time to enjoy your yard or patio with friends while you still can! Here are a few suggestions for a stellar backyard bash.

1. Schedule around the sun: High-heat lunchtime gatherings may melt guests’ enthusiasm for mingling. Avoid hosting events at the hottest time of day and instead go for evening get-togethers or late-morning brunches to take advantage of the cooler temps.

2. Don’t grill your guests: Don’t set up seating close to the grill. No need for anyone but the chef to feel the extra heat.

3. Host a neighbourhood movie night: Borrow or rent a projector if you don’t have one and show a favorite summer flick outside on a hanging white sheet. This is even more fun if you have a pool! Since “curtain time” can’t be until after sundown, your guests can come, watch the sunset and enjoy the coolest hours of the day.

4. Throw a colourful luau: Light tiki torches, set up a limbo stick, tell guests to throw on their Hawaiian shirts and blend some coconut cocktails. You can even roast a pig on a spit.

5. Stay hydrated: Be sure to have plenty of refreshing beverages to help your guests keep cool. Add fresh fruit, fruit zest or mint leaves to your ice cube trays before freezing to add a splash of flavor and style. Or, skip ice and use frozen fruit like grapes and melon. Frozen beer mugs and shot glasses will also keep drinks chilled.

6. Have the coolest coolers: Fill a wheelbarrow, wagon or kiddie pool with ice to chill drinks.

7. Play outside: Enjoy your lawn with a few rounds of croquet, bocce, Frisbee, cornhole or badminton. Plant a couple stakes in the ground and snap together glow sticks for glow-in-the dark ring toss. Leftover chunks of plywood can make a jumbo Jenga set.

Get out and enjoy your outdoor living space this summer. If you don’t have one, maybe it’s time to talk to me. I can help you find a home with a great entertaining space for you, your family, and friends. Call or text today (519)791-9545