8 Tips for Storing Holiday Decorations


8 Tips for Storing Holiday Decorations

Un-decorating after the holidays may not be as fun as decking the halls, but it really is time to take your holiday lights down. Here are a few space-saving ideas as you pack it all up.

Rethink egg cartons…
With all the holiday baking, you’re bound to have a bunch of cardboard egg containers left over. They make perfect storage packaging for round, ball ornaments.

…wine cartons, too!
The segmented cardboard box that held your vino or champagne is perfect for holding a legion of nutcracker soldiers or other vertical mantel ornaments.

Wrap your wreaths
Hang wreaths on sturdy coat hangers and cover with plastic dry cleaning bags to keep dust off.

Protect candles
Wrapping fragile candles in old socks can help prevent scratches and chips in the wax.

Make tree storage a cinch
Those old belts you haven’t worn since the 80s? Tighten them around your artificial tree to make it far easier to slip into smaller spaces.

Get on a roll
Prevent unruly spools of wrapping paper from unrolling by cuffing them with toilet paper rolls, sliced to fit.

Zip, don’t rip
Now that they won’t unroll, tuck those wrapping paper rolls into a garment bag to hang in your closet or basement.

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