Come Around to Colour


Come Around to Colour

The current trend of designing your home with grays, gray-ishes and now greiges (a gray-beige mix) may make it more difficult to be inspired to add a pop of color to your living space. RE/MAX recommends that you start small with an out-of-the-way, made-for-colour room like a kid’s bedroom or entertainment room.

Customize Your Interior
There’s no need to go shopping for something new – use what you have. Don’t be afraid to add a bright green picture frame and add in a couple of colourful pillows, artwork and rugs that complement the decor. Suddenly-you’re a master at colour!

Make a Statement
Dramatic colour can help you make a bold statement in your home. Find the perfect accent wall in your home that visitors will see as they first enter your house. Paint color says a lot about someone’s personality-make your favorite shade speak for you.

Start a Collection
Whether it’s pillows, dishes or vases – a colorful collection shows a coordinated look. Or curate a gallery wall that adds colour and personality. Find some inspiration and start collecting.

Stop to Smell the Flowers
Flowers go with anything. By adding flowers to your home, you can instantly add a pop of colour to any room and the beautiful scents are just a bonus. Don’t make it hard, shop local or just pick up a bouquet the next time you take a trip through your grocery store.

Ready to try your hand at a new colour palette in a new space? I can help you find the perfect new space to add a splash of colour.