Home Energy Rating and Disclosure Program (HER&D) – ON HOLD!


Home Energy Rating and Disclosure Program (HER&D) – ON HOLD!

In 2015, the Province announced the possibility of implementing what they called the “Home Energy Rating and Disclosure Program”, or HER&D for short. This program, part of the Climate Change Action Plan, would force anyone listing their home for sale with a listing service, to have an energy audit completed with the results posted publicly as part of the listing information. I will not get into the details of the program, but there are many issues and complications that are unfair to the seller, which would have a negative impact on the housing market. Over the past 30 months, the Ontario Real Estate Association has been fighting to stop the mandatory program. You can read the OREA Submission to the Ministry of Energy HERE.

On March 1st 2018, we received a press release from OREA that the Home Energy Rating and Disclosure Program has been STOPPED!… at least for now.



We did It!

We have successfully fought back against the Home Energy Rating and Disclosure (HER&D) program.

Since 2016, OREA has been fighting to stop HER&D.

If implemented, HER&D would require a home seller to conduct an energy audit before listing their home. The program put home owners of older homes, like seniors, at a huge disadvantage. Receiving a low energy score on an older home could cost an owner thousands of dollars in hard-earned equity.

The program also unfairly forced REALTORS® to post the energy score on the MLS® listing. There are other methods for selling a home, and yet only the MLS® was targeted.

After a lot of hard work from your government relations team led by Chair John Oddi, we have successfully fought back against this proposal!

This week, we got a letter from the government which stated, “The province has decided not to proceed with the implementation of a HER&D program at this time.” This means that the province has listened to OREA and put the brakes on HER&D.

While this is another big win for REALTORS®, this issue has been a wakeup call. Governments at all levels are struggling to address issues relating to climate change and the housing sector is being asked to play a part in that work.

We must be thoughtful and propose alternatives to programs like HER&D, or we will be steam rolled by them.

We will continue to provide you with updates if this issue progresses.

David Reid
2018 OREA President