Should I List My Home During The Winter?

Should I List My Home During The Winter?

A question that comes up every year. “Should i list my home during the winter? or should i wait until spring time?”

Given our current sellers market, and the regional weather, there is no reason to hold off on listing your home for sale. Our mild winter (so far) hasn’t slowed the market at all compared to previous years. In November 2015 we saw sales up 21.45% over November of 2014. A lot of people have the misconception that there is a home buying and selling “season”. Nothing could be further from the truth. Home buying and selling season doesn’t stop. Its Year Round.


Here are some points on why listing during the winter and holidays is a good idea:

1: Buyers who are looking in November, December, and January are typically very serious home Buyers.

2: Number of homes for sale in February and on will increase dramatically.

3: A home that is decorated for the Holidays shows very well!

4: You can restrict showings at peak times of the month for Holidays. Minimizes the inconvenience factor.

5: Sell now for more money and arrange a longer closing. This will allow the home Seller to have a larger selection to choose from in the new year.

6: Sell now, become a firm home Buyer and strengthen your negotiating position when the supply increases in the new year.

7: Possible increase in interest rates can negatively affect prices.