Tiny Home Plans? 4 Tips for Downsizing


Tiny Home Plans? 4 Tips for Downsizing

Whether you wish to reduce your impact on the environment or just want to live a simpler life, downsizing may be the next big step to reaching your tiny home plans. If you’re ready to take the leap to downsize and declutter, here are a few tips to help get you started.

1. Understand WANTS vs NEEDS: The line between wants and needs is often blurry, and separating them can be tough. Instead of playing the guessing game and tricking yourself into believing something is a “need” versus a “want,” fill out a checklist prior to sorting through items to help set the record straight.

2. Re-Gift, Donate or Sell: Busting down the clutter is almost always the first recommendation from tiny home experts. Why not have a yard sale to clear out the things you no longer use while earning some quick cash? Do you have a fancy set of dishware you’ve never used or only bring out on special occasions? Re-gift or donate items that you’re not using day-to-day.

3. Eliminate Multiples: Beyond getting rid of an item you have EXACT duplicates of, ask yourself, “Do I have anything else that does this better?” This is where you choose between one can opener that’s just a can opener or the other with a bottle opener attached. Pick the items that add more value to your life.

4. Maximize Your Space: Test an area of your current home that most resembles the tiny house plan you want to move into. Play around with adding hidden drawers and compartments for extra storage. If what you have doesn’t fit in the assigned space, it may be time to toss it aside.

Before you start selling off your belongings and dive into the tiny-living lifestyle, be sure to do your research. From minimalist newlyweds to downsizing empty nesters – the right tiny home starts with discovering what’s right for you.